Customers' Ombudsman

The Customers' Ombudsman is appointed by, and responsible to, the CEO. Helgi G. Björnsson is the Customers' Ombudsman of Arion Bank. 

The role of the Ombudsman is to ensure that customer complaints are dealt with transparently, fairly and impartially. The Ombudsman also guarantees that customers are not discriminated against, similar cases receive similar treatment, procedures and methods are familiar and that all decisions are supported and documented.

The Customers' Ombudsman cooperates closely with employees throughout the Bank to resolve issues. More information on the Customers' Ombudsman and the legal remedies available to customers can be found on the Bank's website.

The total number of cases dealt with concerning individual and corporate customers in 2018 was 126, compared with 162 in 2017.

Arion Bank has created a policy on the handling and recording of complaints in compliance with the FME's rules on sound and proper business practices. This policy is on the Bank’s website.